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4 things I’ve learned practicing gratitude with my kids

So we are already into April & we thought we'd stop & reflect on the gratitude journey. The things we notice changing, the bits we really enjoy, what are we learning.....why are we doing this anyway? Here's our take on our top 4 things we've learned below.


1. There is so much that they take in!

I am genuinely amazed with some of the things that show up in the pages. Things I barely noticed or thought they didn't see pop up all the time. Our three kids all have very different personalities, they certainly notice different things about their worlds. The oldest (8) has no trouble telling us how he feels in everything we do & our little girl is similar. Our middle boy can be a lot more laid back, answer questions with a shrug & often appears not to be thinking much at all. When we reflect on the question in our gratitude journals for the day, he often surprises me with what has made him feel happy or special. 

2. The simple things matter.

There are days I think we’ve done something I would consider ‘amazing’  and the kids will write about the smell of their breakfast cooking, or snuggling in bed that morning. Sometimes the things I think I suck at as a mum, the kids think was a total highlight. My 'fantastic' costume making skills have shown up even though I can’t sew to save myself!

3. Laughing is the best medicine.

Sometimes the kids are accidentally funny, but I’ve noticed since we have been completing our journals together, their humour has really blossomed. I think spending time together discussing our thoughts, an intimacy builds & the ability to make each other laugh grows too.

4. All you have to do is get started.

Sometimes the idea of a new practice sounds good, but we never really get started (I mean, it took me 5 years to actually start this practice with the whole family!) But once I committed to doing it for real this year, it really started to be fun & not a mum thing I was enforcing like ‘clean your room, brush your teeth’. It wasn’t an instant thing, but over time the kids really starting enjoying it. I think it’s mainly because they get time to express themselves, be heard & also feel special.


If you are on the gratitude journey with your family, drop by our social media hangouts and let us know what it's like for you too.


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