My book of gratitude - Kids & Teens

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Open size: 210 x 296mm
Finish size:
210 x 148mm (A5 portrait)
hard cover & back, spiro bound with foil & embossing
224 full colour 100gsm pages with cute hand drawn elements and colouring in areas. Includes 365 days.

The Story

Did you know that by spending time thinking about things that make you happy can really improve the good feelings in your life? One of the world’s leading scientific experts on gratitude, Robert Emmons, has been studying the benefits for over a decade and has discovered that the simple act of keeping a gratitude journal on a daily basis can be a transformational practice for everyone at almost any age.

The consistent benefits that are reported include: lower blood pressure, better sleep and stronger immune systems. Participants reported feeling more joy, more optimism, greater happiness, and in the world they are more generous, forgiving, kind, helpful, outgoing and they even reported experiencing more connection to the world around them.

For me, spending time reflecting on gratitude with the family has always been something that is important to me. As a graphic designer it was a pretty simple process to make some worksheets for my kids and encourage them to get involved in this practice. Even as motivated as I was, and aware of the benefits this practice brings, I found myself ‘falling off the wagon’ once the other daily demands crept in. Maybe we’d go a few weeks of consistency and then we would miss a few and try it again.

I always had in my mind the idea of a daily journal for kids and teens but finding the time and resources to bring the idea to life was a journey in itself. But as can happen when a great idea’s time has come, the stars aligned, a beautiful friend answered the call, the perfect people showed up, loved and supported the project, and me, and now here we are.

There are so many benefits of practicing gratitude and the scientific research in to the subject is encouraging more and more of us to explore this practice. We are so pleased to share this journal with you and the kids in your life, we hope you enjoy it and it helps cultivate a lasting sense of happiness and gratitude for the years ahead.

Janice & Kellie
Morning Road

“Gratitude opens the door to... the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the Universe. You open the door through gratitude.”

Deepak Chopra


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