Little Words is a beautifully designed card pack to write down the wonderful things our little people say.

Here are some ideas of what to record....

• Sweet innocent gems like this one from our 4 year old, “I must be Superman Mum because I have really hard boogers”, (as he was picking his nose).

• Those cringe worthy but hilarious moments when your angel whips out a swear word with perfect

timing like it’s second nature in front of Grandma.

Beautifully imperfect first pronunciation. We loved to hear our 2 year old say ‘Lello’ (Yellow), or

“you not play with me?”, meaning “will you play with me?”.

• Or simply record how they say the names of people in your family, as this changes over time

or may become what they call them forever (but you’ll know when they first said it).

It is such a delight to recall the precious milestones. Before long you’ll have a beautiful box of memories to give to your ‘baby’ when they are perhaps 21 or when they have their own children!

Boxed set of 20 cards.

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