Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Cool Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Cool Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is on the way!

We’ve put our heads together to create a great list of really thoughtful gift ideas for your mumma! Perhaps you can print this out, highlight 'certain parts' & leave it around your house where it may get noticed by the family ;)

We’ve come up with 12 styles of inspiration to help you find something thoughtful for the special ladies in your life....enjoy!

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1. Sentimental Favourites

A few years ago my sister bought Mum a beautiful silver necklace with a heart pendant that had the names of her children engraved on the back. A few years later when I had my children we gifted Mum another heart to go on the pendant with my kids names engraved on it. Mum loves it and wears it everyday. We got ours from Merci Maman but have since found these clever jewellers Apple Eye nearby doing beautiful custom pieces.

If you live nearby your Mum, give her your time. I know this can be tricky in our busy lives but for some Mums it really is the best gift. If you can take her out to lunch, it could be just a blanket in the park with some sandwiches. If you are visiting Jervis Bay anytime soon we can recommend 5 Little Pigs and Kanpai Japanese Restaurant.



2. Winter Warmers

If you are heading into the colder months in your neck of the woods, you could get something super cuddly for your Mum. This full body sweater for the hard core cold enthusiast might be taking it a bit too far but Peter Alexander has some nice ones. 

How about this weird looking Nap Pillow for the Mum who could really do with a snuggle break. If you want to get a ‘feel good’ aspect to your purchase you can also check out Beanies 4 Brain Cancer from Carrie Bickmore that are not only stylish but also raise money for brain cancer research.



3. Beach Bum 

Some Mum’s are only happy in the sun, so these things might bring a smile to her face. The POD Pillow for hardcore resting on the beach & keeping your stuff safe & sand-free. Or consider the multitude of gorgeous Circle Towels that are on the market.



4. Like a Boss 

If you have a Business Mum in your life you could consider something to make her work day a little brighter, this Funky Foot Hammock, a compact hammock for your feet that hangs under your desk and raises or lowers to put you in a working or slacking mood as needed. Or a sleek Desk Organiser, and who doesn’t love a nice classy pen, you could even get it engraved for a sentimental touch....winning!



5. Bookworm 

If your Mum finds time to read, you might already know what style suits her, otherwise you could try these hits:

‘We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere’ written by actress Gillian Anderson and journalist Jennifer Nadel.

'Her Mother’s Secret' by Natasha Lester and A Letter to Italy by Pamela Hart

Or if you want something feisty, 'Fight Like A Girl' by Clementine Ford.

For something fantasy, 'Sisters of the Fire' by Kim Wilkins, or 'The Bear & the Nightingale' by Katherine Arden.

If you are lucky enough to have a big bath, how about a Bath Book Holder, now that’s pure relaxation gold, (don’t forget to give her the time to actually use it too).



6. Bohemian Babe

If your mum can’t help but stop and smell the gorgeous candles at your local boho store, or admire the handmade jewellery & wall hangings, then pop down & pick out something gorgeous, or get her a voucher & go shopping together. Our favs come from the gorgeous Elkas Garden.



7. Style Savvy

If your Mum loves checking out the latest styles in fashion, homewares or interior design, then maybe a Mag Subscription could be cool & they keep on giving for the whole year. Otherwise a voucher from her fav store is always a safe bet.



8. Cuppa Lover 

For some Mum’s a cup of tea or coffee is like a gift sent from the Gods. There are lots of awesome things in this category. “Tea for Two” is a beautiful wooden tea set, perfect for those times when you feel like spoiling yourself. With a refined and functional design created by Mark Huang, or the Glass Tea Diffusers that are all the rage now. Maybe there are some handmade teas in your area that you could sample. If your Mum is environmentally conscious you could get a Keep Cup’ or ‘Joco’ take away cup to save on waste on those take away coffees.


9. Made With Love

Sometimes spending time creating handwritten cards & handmade gifts lets Mum know how much we adore & appreciate her. We have some free printables you can download at morning road & some cards you can use too.

We also love A Gift in a Jar. This is a really sweet thoughtful gift and it’s easy to get the kids involved. Grab a nice big jar and fill it with treats you know Mum or Grandma will love. Some ideas we’ve used are: chocolate, body oil, tea, organic hand cream, a coffee voucher, non toxic lip stick, cruelty free nail polish a recent photo of you and the kids.

I know, I know it’s May but a calendar is still one of the most useful photographic gifts; you can include family photos and some of the kids artworks too. Some of the apps even let you write important dates on the calendar so Grandma can easily remember everyone’s Birthday! We’ve used Momento or Harvey Norman



10. Sporty Stuff   

If your Mum is the sporty type there are lots of things that can be great for her fitness  fun. A new stylish Water Bottle, sporty socks (you can never have too many of these), we just love these environmentally conscious, practical & affordable yoga mats from Yoga with Jessie.

How about a new perfume for her gym bag when there isn’t time for a shower after workouts. If you know what she likes get her favourite or be bold and sniff out something new for her to try, it’s always lovely to be gifted fragrance. We’ve recently tried these beautiful packs from Ime on the South Coast of NSW. Or play it safe & grab an itunes voucher so she can expand her running playlist.



11. Organised & Alphabetized

If your Mum talks about being more organised we can highly recommend a Passion Planner, we have used these for 3 years and just love them.

There’s these cool Sticky Notes Paper Watches for notes on the go. How about the cute organisational stuff at kikki.k ? For the Mum with a big handbag, this nifty Gem Purse Light is a cool accessory. Put it in your bag & it lights up when you shake the bag to illuminate the contents.


12. Wine & Wisdom

And our personal favourite...A nice bottle of wine can be shared, savoured or devoured ;) These cool Tipsy Glass Sets not only look good, but allow the wine to breathe & taste smoother & save accidents from kids (or adults).

Danielle Laporte is a gorgeous woman with lots of cool products, her Conversation Starters App can be a fun way to get deep & meaningful conversations going & really listen and learn something you never knew about your Mum.


Well that's it, we hope it helps! We are sending all the gorgeous Mums of the world lots of love this Mother's Day, no matter how it finds you.


Jan & Kel xxx

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